Monday, March 16, 2009

Return My Rightfully Inherited Trust Estate

Dear Creditors:

My bills WILL NOT BE PAID until my rightfully inherited estate of $100k is restored to me and the perpetrators have been indicted for grand theft larceny. I have filed numerous claims at all levels in the American “courts of justice” only to be ignored.

It is unfortunate that I am unable to rid myself of U.S. Government assistance after over a decade of extensive labor. Although there have been excessive damages that have included massive human right violations, you would think that the least the U.S. Government could do is throw me a bone.

While U.S. Government reprisals continue to escalate, I also request that those who do have a concern for my safety to please do not fret for I am the PROPERTY of the U.S. Government of which they have chosen to use as a constant human battering instrument for all to lock up and torture.

For those who have requested to pray for me, I say this: Please use that gracious moment to pray for yourselves as it is quite obvious by the disclosures on this website, there is no hope for me.

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