Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When You Are A Human Trafficking Victim Abandoned

I was promised an education in the legal industry making extensive wages. As a result, I was profiled as a lesbian and arbitrarily arrested excessively since 1989-1995 (approx 40 times-landing in prison on July 4th, arrested on Martin Luther King Day, arrested 1st business day of 2011, sent to a mental institution on March 1, 2011: my birthday).  When I was wrongfully convicted of "stalking", the status was enhanced to include a "sex offense" after I was sent to prison.  Branded a “sex offender,” I lost custody of my two sons.

All legal activities others are entitled to have become illegal for me. All my business ventures were deliberately destroyed and frustrated and U.S. officials, state and federal judges have left me to languish resulting in loss of liberty, civil rights, productive lifestyles, financial and personal ruin, mental anguish, social condemnation and personal and family embarrassment.

I have appealed to the Federal courts since 1995 and ALL of my cases were dismissed without review. All of the difficult and dedicated work I've done was ignored while federal judges demanded that I complete more work.  Even though Federal judges know I am not the “Betty Crocker” type girl, they have become obsessed with “curative rape” by forcing their disregard on me making me an object of ridicule and scorn in order that I submit to and service their American Men.

As a result of my legal battles against the U.S. Government, I have become an extremely unfavorable person subjected to and having to suffer severe retaliation and exploitation.  I noticed my $100k rightfully inherited trust fund was wrongfully pilfered/seized after I asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to suspend the powers of the trustee. I also noticed that at least two attempts to entrap me in illegal ponzi schemes occurred while I was suffering brutality at the hands of the Lassen County community in California. I have also lost other real property and vehicles wrongfully seized and confiscated by the states of California and Oregon authorities.

The state and federal courts, in both California and Oregon, deliberately set me up to fail refusing to grant me asylum or protection from persecution and using me as a human battering instrument for others in the community to abuse, physically and emotionally. Those in the community banter me because they just want me to shut up and go away and endure the sexual harassment.

The U.S. Government endorsed this cruel and unusual punishment by continuing to identify me as a sex offender, allowing me to be defined as someone who has been convicted, at any time, of any sex offense or [who] engaged in sexual misconduct during the course of an offense. They  have continued to recommend that I receive disparate treatment making it their constitutional duty to inculcate cruel and unusual punishment by portraying me to the public that “sexual assault is a heinous crime committed by Offenders with deviant behavior patterns that cannot be controlled by incarceration alone.”

There is now substantiated evidence that I am being been tortured to premeditate my murder using their power of abuse to maliciously disintegrate my health.  Local, state, and federal officials have targeted me by using punks to menace and drive me from city to city, state to state. They have also used individuals to perjure and lie in an effort to cause extreme mental and emotional anguish in an effort to successfully incarcerate me. They have invalidated all of my legal activities others are entitled to by rendering them criminal. Officials have severely crippled my very difficult work (even while bearing children):

They have forced me to live in a state of continued physical torture, mental and emotional abuse, and oppression for over 25 years. The pattern of abuse by officials have always been to intrude on my employment activities to traumatizing me. This has been their assurance to send me to jail. 25 years of the same pattern of abuse.

My case is now pending at the Inter-American Commission for Human Trafficking:
CASE NO.: A149568, CASE NO: 11C96000, Court of Appeals (9th Cir): 11-35438, Circuit Ct. Associated Cases: No: 09-1352; 11-464CR; OR Supreme Ct.: S058661, Ct. of App.: A145734, OR Fed Dist Ct.: 10CV3062, Inter-American Commission On Human Rights, Organization Of American States CASE NO.: P-878-09; ICC Communication OTP-CR-886/09

The latest weapons being used by the states of California and Oregon:

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